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Deliciously refreshing and nearly ubiquitous in the Caribbean islands (the English speaking ones, that is), Ting is, well, about as Caribbean a product as you can find. 

Ting is a soda made from grapefruit.  It’s sweetened with cane sugar, not corn sweeteners.  Kids love it, and so do adults!  Ting cools you off on a hot day and it mixes well with spirits. 

Rum and Ting and vodka and Ting are equally refreshing! 

Ting was “invented” in Jamaica but it’s bottled under license.  We like Ting bottles best.  Specifically, the 8oz greenies that are bottled in St Kitts.  You stumble upon larger 12oz bottled which are shipped down from Canada.  Ting in cans comes from the UK and it has a discernibly different, but still delicious, taste. 

There is also Pink Ting.  It's sexy, but distracting.  Go for the greenies.