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What's in a Name

The HIHO name originated from a storied windsurfing race that ran for almost 30-years.  Started in 1979 as the Hook-In-Hold-On it was a weeklong windsurfing adventure that threaded its way through the Virgin Islands.  After a short hiatus the event returned in 1992 and now re-named as just the HIHO race, which is the an acronym for the longer Hook-In-Hold-On name. Same great event- over 100-miles of racing through the British Virgin Islands with everyone living aboard captained yachts. The HIHO race was reknowned for great racing & fabulous parties.  And what was the event T-shirt when the event re-started in 1992 was the first HIHO brand logo- a smiling sun with the name HIHO underneath. Sales from these cool T-shirts ballooned into what is today HIHO.  While still running the HIHO race in 1990’s and early 2000’s the owners make rash guards, bags and dabbled in women’s swim.  As the race wound down by 2012 the HIHO brand was emerging as Caribbean cool.  A comfortable and well made collection of men's & women’s clothing for living in the islands, or for wearing when you get home.

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