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British Virgin Islands


The BVI are…  really, the most beautiful islands in the World.  Sailing amongst them is wonderful, as are the views from atop the mountains on the larger islands.  To really appreciate their beauty fly into Beef Island airport where you’ll pass over most of the islands on the approach.

Never been before?...  We are best-known for great sailing, but lounging on the beach at a resort like Little Dix or the Bitter End is, well, simply perfect.

What to wear…  The BVI is very casual.  Shorts and a T-shirt suffice in the daytime.  Winter temps can drop into the 70’s (gasp) so maybe add a lightweight linen sweater for evenings. 

Surf or SUP…  Tortola and some of the out islands have great surf in the Winter.  Cane Garden Bay is a World class point break but requires a meaty overhead high swell.  Check our Josiah’s Bay further up the North shore for fun family waves.  SUPing in the BVI is great.  Brewers Bay on Tortola’s North shore is a delightful flat water location.  Locals often paddle around the Beef Island bridge where starfish, baby sharks and pelicans all converge for a veritable marine safari. 

Most romantic place…  Sunset on your yacht anchored off the West end of Anegada or Cane Garden Bay.  Or swim ashore to Sandy Spit off Jost Van Dyke.  Go early and have the football field size island to yourself.

Best rum drink…  A Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar.  It’s tough to have just one…

Best sunset vantage…  Bananakeet on Windy Hill overlooking Carrot Bay is a stunning sunset viewpoint.  The bar offers a wonderful rum punch and the food is great too!  Definitely worth visiting!

A perfect day is…  Wake up in the North Sound on your charterboat.  Go ashore for the World famous Bitter End breakfast buffet.  Follow this up with a morning SUP session.  Lunch at the Fat Virgin across at Biras Creek.  Join in a sailing regatta at the Bitter End, followed by sundowners back on the boat.  Head to Saba Rock for fish tacos for dinner.

Best Shopping…  The BVI are not really known for great shopping, but check out any of the three HIHO stores for perfect island wear.  HIHO has a store at The Moorings, and another close by.  Their largest store is on the beach at Trellis Bay.

Secret Spot…  Pick up the single mooring at Fallen Jerusulam and have the boulder-strewn island to yourself.  The Baths, one of the most popular stops in the BVI, are a stones throw away but you will be in your own World snorkeling and sunbathing on Fallen Jerusalem. 


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are located to the East of Puerto Rico.  Collectively there over 60 islands, cays and rocks that comprise the territory which is still a part of Great Britain.  Year around weather is very agreeable with temperature ranging from the mid-70's in the Winter to low-90's int he Summer.  English is the official language and the currency is the US Dollar.  The best way to get here is to fly to St Thomas (in the US Virgin Islands) and come across by ferry.

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