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Rebel Yell 2020 interCaribbean Painkiller Cup Bus

Ride in comfort & style aboard Rebel Yell from Nanny Cay to Sandy Cay, then return from White Bay to Nanny Cay.  Departure is at 9:00 and the return is at 4:45.  Bus fares are available for interCaribbean Painkiller Cup racers (who may bring their SUP boards) and non-racing fans & spectators.  Seats are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Cost is $75 and includes Leatherback beers on the ride home.  Kids under 10 may pay half price in CASH at the boat.  This online booking & price is available until Sunset on January 17th.  Payment on Saturday, Jan 18th is in CASH only.  Please proceed to pay.  Important- insert code REBELYELL to avoid the "shipping charge".
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