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Irma Blew

Irma Blew

Our islands were all but destroyed by hurricane Irma and further damaged by Maria.  It is destruction beyond description and very sad.  It will take years for the Virgin Islands to recover.  We are doing everything in our power to help.

We count the Bitter End as a great partner and immediately joined in their fundraising efforts which have raised over $400,000. The resort fundraising effort is to assist their staff and employees who lost their homes in the storm.  We will continue to assist the resort as much as possible and look forward to their re-building and re-opening. Donations for Virgin Gorda & the Bitter End Yacht Club Staff Fundraiser can be found here.

We have been very successful with our Irma Blew T-shirt.  We're in a second printing now, and have also created a BVI Strong and a St. John Strong shirt too.  The HIHO team plans to raise at least $10,000 via these shirt sales. You can purchase these shirts on our website here

We really appreciate all of the outreach about HIHO and our team.