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The story behind HIHO Caribbean

The story behind HIHO Caribbean

HIHO, the brand of pure Caribbean clothing, is an acronym for hook-in-hold-on.  Windsurfers “hook in and hold on” to their boom, and this was the name of the 1980’s version of today’s popular Highland Spring HIHO event. Today’s brand is a spin-off of the event and while the race continues to be held each Summer in the BVI’s you can buy HIHO clothing up and down the Caribbean.

The HIHO designers have always been creative with what they name the designs in their collection.  Fran Samuels, who along with her husband Andy Morrell, was instrumental in much of the early design of the brand explains: “We started out naming many of our clothes after our friends- maybe through inspiration, or because they liked that particular item.”

You’ll still find some items named after people, for example our men’s shirts (named after their friends Tim & Simon) but the current trend at HIHO is to pick places and island names.  One season, we named surf shorts were after the BVI’s best surf breaks and another year we simply named surf shorts Anegada, Anguilla and Saba.  Other island names like Necker, Ginger Island and Cruz Bay pop up on pants, shorts & shirts.  

Our original Suntek Shirts feature the “Hook in and Hold on” phrasing which pays homage to our brand heritage. Visit our website here to purchase.