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Painkiller Cup = Good Fun on the Water

Painkiller Cup = Good Fun on the Water

The annual HIHO sponsored Painkiller Cup is a combination of great racing and good fun.  Watersports events are in our DNA- our HIHO name originated with an eponymously named event that was the toast of the 1980’s windsurfing scene.  So, running a one-day SUP events like the annual Painkiller Cup is both fun & easy.  And it was great to see so many local paddlers descend on Sandy Cay for the two and half mile solo race to Hendo’s Hideaway in White Bay.  Our favorite photo of the event was a women who paddled the race with her dog.   The lasting images are people re-hashing the race at Hendo’s Hideaway on beautiful White Bay where all competitors had a great lunch and a few painkillers. 

One of the coolest parts of this year’s event was the great community service.  Before we started the solo race everyone collected storm debris of the beach at Sandy Cay.  Then at the finish we planted coconut trees.


For more photos, visit our HIHO Facebook page here

And you can still buy our 2018 Painkiller Cup SPF 50 Suntek Shirts online here.