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Caribbean Seasons

Caribbean Seasons

Most people think that's it's Summer all year 'round down here in the Caribbean.  Actually, there is a big difference between the weather in the Summer and Winter.  Starting in June the weather turns more humid and it's rainier, while the Winter months starting in November are much more pleasant.  Winter in the Caribbean is characterized by drier and cooler weather.  The sky tends to be clearer and you have beautiful sparkling days.

Weather aside, we roll through a series of seasons.  You can roughly equate the Winter as tourist season, in fact "the season" refers to the return of tourists as they begin to head South into the Caribbean.  Rainy season precedes the start of tourist season,  The rainiest months of the year are September-November.  This coincides with the end of hurricane season, which may be our least favorite time of year.

My favorite season is mango season.  Happily this occurs twice per year, though the main mango crop appears in early Summer.  Ginep season in September is another harvest period when the round green fruits hang in bunches and are picked by school children and sold on the side of the road.  As kids there was nothing better to do than hang out in mango and ginep trees picking and fang fresh fruit.

Pictured Above: Mango Tree, Below: Bougainvillea in bloom

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