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Antigua Eats

Antigua Eats

Antigua is the hidden culinary gem of the Caribbean.  In fact, we’ll head down there just to hit a few of our favourite restaurants.  What’s the secret to the success of the islands food scene?  We’ll chock it up to the following:  there is a large Italian population, and Italian’s worship good food; Antigua gets a broad mix of tourists, but particularly plenty of more discerning villa guests, high end hotel guests and super yachts; lastly, the island has a good agricultural scene assuring fresh ingredients.

Head to the South West end of the island where you’ll find a great menu and always a good crowd at Abracadabra.  We remember seeing Keith Richards playing pool there when we delivered boats to Antigua in our younger days.  Now owner Paulo will show you a table and an awesome menu.  Abra has a fun bar and live music several times a week, in fact it’s easy to pay the bill and hit the dance floor.  Abra is located on the road leading into Nelson Dockyard.

Back on the same road check out Sun Ra for a quieter dinner overlooking the sea of yachts in Falmouth Harbour.  Sun Ra’s menus offers a blend of Italian and Asian inspired dishes.  Always the freshest fix, and a good wine list, though long on Italian offerings.

For lunch or dinner check our venerable Catherine’s on Pigeon Beach.  The dowager restaurant of Antiguan fine eating, Catherine’s offers lunch and dinner and a famous Sunday brunch.  Impeccable service is the restaurants hallmark, as is the food.  Visit the Cotton Club clothing boutique on your way in or out of the restaurant.

For a more low-key but authentic lunch experience hit up Beach Bum on Half Moon Beach.  Run by Antiguan Tipper the restaurant offers everything from great burgers to Lobster.

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