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What to Pack for the Islands

What to Pack for the Islands

You can travel with as little or as much as you like when you head down to the islands.  For the most part the weather is reliably warm and it’s almost always sunny.  Here are our suggestions for often overlooked items:
Light sweater - Believe it or not, it gets cool at night, even in the hotter months of the year.  Those hot Tradewinds have a cooling effect in the evening so grab a light sweater and throw it around your waist or shoulders.  HIHO makes awesome linen sweaters which were inspired by what we wear here in Tortola!
Rain jacket or foul weather gear - if you are heading out sailing definitely bring something in case it’s squally.  In the Summer and during the rainy season months of August-November there can sometimes be a steady parade of fast-moving rain storms.  We call rain liquid sunshine, and it’s better to not be in a T-shirt!
Good SPF shirts - While you’ll want to get a nice tan you may have sensitive skin or just need good sun protection because you’ll be sailing or enjoying watersports.  Look no further than our Suntek shirts and dresses.  Our Suntek apparel offers superior protection, plus it’s lightweight and easy to pack a few pieces.  HIHO also makes great SPF Suntek dresses for women!

Flip-Flops - I cannot tell you how many times people forget their flip-flops. You’ll use flops more than any other shoes, so this is a wise addition.
Sunscreen & coffee - both sometimes hard to get, especially if you have a particular brand you like.  You can buy basic sunscreen, like Banana Boat, but if you favour a more effective brand by all means pack it, and remember to bring only small sizes in your carry-on bags.  Sailors- if you are fond of good coffee in the morning then bring a pound of your favourite brew, and make sure it’s ground!
If you love reading a guide book and the history of where you are then grab some books before you leave.  If you are flying through Miami check out Books & Books, an excellent source of reading material located in the middle of concourse D.


About HIHO:

Inspired by life in the Caribbean HIHO makes casual & comfortable clothing including linen shirts and sweaters, beach dresses, shorts, pants and soft cotton tees.

Our HIHO clothing is based on the tropical lifestyle we love so much, and is influenced by our pristine environment and island life. Our clothing is soft, designed to be functional, colorful and comfortable in a chic island way. The casual, cool and elegant designs and our original prints are the hallmark of the HIHO brand.

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