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Antigua Insider

Antigua Insider

We caught up with kiter extraordinaire Jake Kelsick from Antigua. He and his girlfriend Megan kitesurf and travel, and make some cool vids. We put a few questions to Jake, and these were his answers:

What’s a typical Antigua day for you two?
A typical day starts with a quick walk outside to check the weather. It's usually sunny but if it's windy that's when we get excited. On a windy day in Antigua, we will spend a good chunk of it Jabberwock beach making the most of the trade winds kiteboarding or kite foiling. Then the rest of it is usually spent editing photos & videos or coming up with content ideas for the next windy day.

Where is your favorite island hangout?
Anywhere on the west side of the island if we are doing a beach lime. The west side has a lot of nice beaches to choose from. Besides that most of the night time action happens down in the English harbor which is always a fun time.

Antigua is famous for 365 beaches- which is your favorite?
Jabberwock takes the cake again because it's my home away from home but if I had to pick another. Probably Johnson's Point or Perns Point.

Where are you traveling to next?
We plan on spending most of the windy season in Antigua which is until around June/July but we do have a trip coming up in the Bvi's in January for a little event called the Kite & Paddle festival on Anegada. Hosted by Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing.

As an island boy Jake what’s your favorite rum?
English harbor 5-year-old is the one! Smooth and has been a staple since I was allowed to leave the house at night haha.
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