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Team HIHO Catching a Break!



A little known secret is that Tortola offers some of the best surfing in the Caribbean.  The island offers a good dozen wave riding spots, and there are as many others on the outer islands including Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Sandy Cay.  




It’s generally acknowledged that Cane Garden Bay is Tortola’s best surf spot.  Offering a point break, Cane Garden can serve up a wonderfully large & long wave to ride.  Tortola’s most popular break is Apple Bay or “Bombas” where surfers can choose from two right breaking waves, and a left break.  Music from the eponymous island bar wafts across the water to surfers in the lineup.  Other popular breaks include Josiah’s Bay which, when the swell is small, offers excellent beginner waves along with Lava Flow, Cooten Bay, Josh’s, Schoolhouse and Smugglers Cove.  




Sure, each break doesn’t work every time the surf is up, but when there is a convergence of a good size swell, offshore wind and favorable tide you can catch waves up and down the islands North Shore.  


HIHO International
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