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We draw immense inspiration from our life in the Caribbean.  We are surrounded by beauty.  Stunning islands, tropical scenery and simply the most beautiful water color in the World.  


A view from Tortola takes in nearby islands, the translucent Caribbean sea and lush mountains divided by plunging valleys.  Gardens overflow with tropical flowers and exotic palms.  Evenings are topped of with a sunset fit for a travel brochure.  


We find the sea perhaps the most compelling colored with almost every shade of blue available.  Shallower waters radiate turquoise and aquas while the deeper channels between the islands are darker blue.  It's no wonder that this is one of the favorite colors in our line!  


On smaller Caribbean islands the beach sand is clean and white.  The afternoon sun sparkles off the water, and the sky, particularly in the Winter months, is a radiating clear blue.  At night the stars wrinkle down on us.  


Our designers translate all this into prints and patterns, and we get noticed for our originality of style.


HIHO International
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Time to Unwind!



Everyone has to unwind and a trip to the spa at Scrub Island is about as relaxing as it gets.  Chill out on the deck next to the infinity pool and take in the view of Great Caminoe.  Just below the pool is a tiny point break that offers a great longboard or stand-up paddle wave to ride if the swell is good.  Come to chill out and get a great massage from Emily or Angie then flop down in a comfy chair in the cool enclosed lounge, nibble on some coconut chips and rehydrate with a cold glass of water.  The Scrub Island Spa is a 5-minute walk from the resorts awesome  waterslide enhanced pools, cool bars and restaurants.  Contact the spa at elancaster@mainsailhotels.com.

HIHO International
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