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Quality & perfection

Like any good company we try and make a point to build long relationships with our suppliers.  To that end we travel to Peru at least a couple times a year to meet with our suppliers.  We’ve been working with Neyer Solis for some time.  Sensing opportunity Neyer left the large knitwear company where he worked and set up a small sewing line dedicated to our production.  His line has grown to 10 men & women working sewing our T-shirts.  


The screen printing and embroidery is subcontracted out to another company.  We’ve visited the printer before and our recent trip we were happy to see a new facility and plenty of jobs on-hand.  Small lines like Neyer’s and the printing facility he uses also get work from the larger factories that work production for brands like American Eagle.  The quality that Peru production offers is a great advantage for HIHO.  We also like working with small producers and it is a source of pride seeing them excel at what they do.

HIHO International
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